Jewish track

Jewish track Project of the Association of Natives and Friends of Žatec z. s. s. in cooperation with the Saaz / Žatec e. V. Foundation, the Jewish Community of Teplice in Bohemia, the Friends of the Žatec Synagogue, z. s. and the City of Žatec 

Community cultural centre at the Jewish cemetery in Žatec

Jewish cemetery of Saaz / Žatec

Life is the day between two nights. (…) Death is the night between two days – the day of life on earth and the day of eternal life in the world to come.

Jewish Garden

On the way through the beautiful alley to the Jewish cemetery in Žatec, one comes to the Jewish garden (designer Gabriela Becková-Drncová) 

Mortuary at Žatec cemetery


A permanent exhibition on burial in Jewish culture would be installed here

(reconstruction of the original furnishings, once funding is obtained)


Judaism or Judaism is a monotheistic religion that has many specific traditions and customs. Jews follow the Old Testament of the Bible, which includes their holy book, the Torah, and other texts. Judaism believes in one God, it is a monotheistic religion.









A brief and permanent exhibition on the origins of the Jewish religion and the history of the nation of Israel will be installed in the building of the former keeper of the Jewish cemetery. This will be used mainly for school field trips. Home 



The jews of Saaz/Žatec